14 Mar

Worker Bees in February

February 25, 2016

We are stronger together.

I will wrap up the month of February by saying Eggroll Queen did accomplish a lot because of the support from our communities. That said, I will outlined what we accomplished together for the month of February 2016.

  • 1,000 Meals to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)
  • 30 Meals to Homeless in St. Paul
  • 100 Meals to “Help The Partlow Family FIGHT Against Cancer” fundraising benefit
  • 1,300 egg rolls to “Egg roll Fundraiser for Katie” – raised $2,600 for Katie to go to Stanford University this summer and take a 4 credit college course and live on campus!
  • 350 egg rolls and hosted “Help Save Our Father Lunch/dinner Fundraiser” for Shoua T. Yang, who had a major stroke while visiting families and friends in Xieng Khuang Province, Laos.

Thank you for helping us make miracles happen.


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