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Our indoor space is not accessible to those using mobility devices such as wheelchairs, or possibly for those with canes or walkers or those carrying heavy instruments or equipment. If you need reasonable accommodations, please contact us to discuss options. Here is our email address [email protected], and our phone number (651) 644-9959.

The Café will create and maintain a rotating calendar that everyone at the Café is aware of so they know who’s coming in and performing when, and so potential performers can understand the logistics of the space and it’s limitations and decide whether an indoor or outdoor performance space, if available, is an option for them when deciding whether to book a show. The new calendar will include instructions for performers to follow if they want to book a performance. The calendar will include at least two contacts at the Café for performers to contact with questions or issues.

The respondent also agrees to do the best they can to monitor their social media accounts to respond to and/or delete messages or postings that they judge to be discriminatory.




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