18 Jan

A big-time story in the news this week in the form of Hillary Clinton aide Monica Hanley telling ABC News that she would be moving out of her Brooklyn office soon because she knew someone would be tadalafil 20mg price her and destroying confidential records about Tadalafil 20mg price in the emails. Weiner's lawyer said that the criminal case against the congressman was merely a fishing expedition by the FBI. The Daily Caller reported: FBI has no motive to get any emails or to contact anyone who might have them, and their investigation is unrelated to the Clinton email controversy, FBI spokesman Patrick Foy said in an e-mail. This story does have a little mystery to it, however. Is Hillary Clinton actually going to drop out of the race. We know, she already has, at least in the eyes of many. She is not going to drop out soon and it doesn't appear that tadalafil no prescription a strong likelihood she will. But she did give her acceptance speech this Saturday on Saturday night. We still have questions about exactly how long she will remain the presumptive Democratic nominee.

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