How delicious are these jumbo egg rolls and rice bowls options you ask?  Ask our customers, they have better answers than we do.

  • 5 star review  I have enjoyed these egg rolls many times and I love them!! Purchased 2 dozen today and everyone loved them. Such an amazing family!

    Robin Darwin Albert Avatar Robin Darwin Albert
    January 14, 2018

    5 star review  We liked the food. But the thing that made our night was the open mic musicians. We will definitely be going again.

    Robert Prusinowski Avatar Robert Prusinowski
    February 12, 2018

    positive review  😘💞😍 Mai Vang makes wonderful egg rolls. She also has a heart of pure gold. You can taste the love in every bite!

    Paula Ed Feldman Avatar Paula Ed Feldman
    October 10, 2018

    5 star review  I've gotten lunch at their truck and it is so good. I have a hard time not stopping by whenever they are around!

    Gwenia Fiskevold Gould Avatar Gwenia Fiskevold Gould
    June 19, 2017

    positive review  These egg rolls were out of this world! My mom and I went on opening day to grab some of these delicious egg rolls, and they were totally worth it. Everyone in addition was so helpful and kind! Thank you!

    Jasmine Rose Zientara Carvelli Avatar Jasmine Rose Zientara Carvelli
    December 3, 2019

    5 star review  The Eggrolls were a big hit at Thanksgiving !!��. Thanks again Mai!!

    Phil Burdine Avatar Phil Burdine
    November 23, 2017

    5 star review  Delicious and filling. Just ate 3 of them. Wow I'm stuffed!

    Jeremy Baker Avatar Jeremy Baker
    March 10, 2018

    positive review  Amazing Egg Rolls and a wonderful owner who cares so much about others. I had the new 9 pack and every single one left me wanting more. If you want a taste authentic egg roll, this is the place to go.

    Samuel Snell Avatar Samuel Snell
    January 3, 2020

    positive review  I was at the new location about 2 weeks ago picking up a couple of pork egg rolls, they are delicious! Definitely my favorite egg rolls around!!! I'm so glad you have a spot locally to pick up egg rolls, now I don't have to wait for a Friday night North St.Paul car show!

    Brenda Jung Avatar Brenda Jung
    December 4, 2019

    positive review  I stopped by on a rainy Saturday afternoon in October. Ordered egg rolls to take home and while I waited for my order enjoyed some unexpected live music. Wonderful atmosphere and definitely recommend the egg rolls.

    Michelle Fischer Avatar Michelle Fischer
    December 4, 2019

    5 star review  The best! I was not let down at all! Fat and crispy!

    Brittany Marie Avatar Brittany Marie
    June 18, 2017

    positive review  Really tasty egg rolls with a wonderful variety of flavors. The service was exceptional and my order was complete in less than 10 minutes. Band was setting up when I left too so that is something to check out on my next visit.

    Onyedimma Mailman Nwachuku Avatar Onyedimma Mailman Nwachuku
    December 23, 2019

    positive review  We were at 4 Angels Boutique today and had your egg rolls. They were the best we ever had.

    Marilynn Cierzan Avatar Marilynn Cierzan
    November 4, 2018

    positive review  Had my first egg rolls today and they were awesome. Thank you so much for the jumbo egg rolls

    Jessica Diamond Avatar Jessica Diamond
    July 7, 2018

    positive review  YUUUUUUUM and more YUMMMMMMMMMM

    Camille Precious Avatar Camille Precious
    January 31, 2019

    5 star review  Honestly the BEST eggrolls ever!

    Stacy Schultz Zinda Avatar Stacy Schultz Zinda
    September 2, 2018

    5 star review